Community Collaboration

Collaborate to Increase the Impact of Your Project

Part of planning your campaign in Step 3 involves collaborating with your community and soliciting outside support. Collaboration can occur on many different levels. It can be as easy as reaching out to parents or it can become more in depth as your group communicates with the different resources. Collaboration can come in all different forms such as donations, volunteers, information and materials. Below are several ideas for different ways that your group can reach out to external beneficiaries in order to increase the impact and outreach of your campaign!

Review Your Map

You may have already discovered some helpful resources on your community map! For example, if your group identified homeless animals as a main concern to address in your campaign, have group members contact any animal resources you identified through the community mapping process and see what type of support they can provide. Encouraging young people to participate in this step can often lead to a greater sense of engagement and responsibility for your members and the community. Some ways they may want to connect could be by email, making a phone call, or scheduling an interview with them.

Connect with Parents

Many skilled and enthusiastic supporters are already invested in your group! Parents can help in a number of ways by offering expertise, service, knowledge, and materials to your service-learning campaign. The first step is to ask. Encourage group members to discuss their campaign with family and friends. Send a notification about your campaign home to parents and guardians of group members and offer a list of ways they can be supportive.

Approach Your School

If your group is located at a school, add your service-learning campaign to the next PTA meeting agenda and see what creative ideas they come up with or reach out to your principal and colleagues! Your school contacts may know local organizations who can support you and your students. Many school districts partner with institutions that have educational programs.


  • Invite community members to share their passions and talents to add a creative element to your campaign.
  • Support young members to reach out to their community directly.
  • Youth voice is powerful! Find an organization whose mission complements your campaign.
  • Come prepared with research and practical solutions when approaching potential collaborators.

More Community Collaborator Resources

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