Step 3: Take Action

Turn Your Project Ideas Into Action

This resource is part of the Roots & Shoots Toolkit and can be used separately or combined with the other activities in the toolkit.

Have an amazing idea? Turn it into an amazing project! Use the information you gathered through mapping to narrow down your project ideas and identify a service project. Consider questions like: “What do you like about your community and how can you preserve and improve that specific aspect of life there?” and “What problems or community needs do your group feel most excited and passionate about?”


  • Acts with Purpose
  • A Team Player
  • Thinks Critically
  • Collaborates & Communicates Openly
  • Adaptable & Resilient

Choosing Your Project

The Community Mapping activity may leave your group with several ideas for potential service projects. What you must do now is decide what your official project will be. For many Roots & Shoots groups, this decision is made easy - their map truly points them in the right direction! If your map reveals several potential projects and you're not sure how to decide, check out the resource linked below for help.
Ways to Choose a Project

Project Planning Guide

Once you have decided on your project, it's time to begin planning! This Project Planning Worksheet can help you plan the WHAT, HOW, WHERE, WHEN & WHO of your project.
Project Planning Guide

Community Collaboration

Part of planning your project in Step 3 involves collaborating with your community and getting outside support. Use this resource to help you find collaborators who can increase the outreach and impact of your project.
Community Collaboration

Recommended Reflection

It is helpful for groups to reflect on impact and lessons learned as their projects progress. Click the link below for ideas on group reflection.
Reflection Activities

When we get together, and take action together, we can be a strong voice for the natural world. You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

Dr. Jane Goodall
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