STEP 4: Celebrate

Use this resource to learn about the importance of recognizing the accomplishments of your Roots & Shoots group members and reflecting on the journey that you've shared.

This resource is part of the Roots & Shoots Toolkit and can be used separately or combined with the other activities in the toolkit.

It’s time to celebrate your impact and recognize the accomplishments of your Roots & Shoots group members! By taking the time to recognize the work you’ve done, members have the opportunity to share their success with the community and reflect on the journey you’ve shared. In this section, you will find many inspiring ideas and exciting resources to help you recognize the accomplishments of your project.


  • Introspective
  • Inspires peers
  • Hopeful & optimistic

Celebrate your Roots & Shoots Project!

There are so many exciting ways to involve your community in celebrating. Check out this resource for an idea of how to organize your own celebration.
Get Inspired


At Roots & Shoots, we have witnessed many creative examples of reflection. For example, group members have used their smartphones to document and compile video journals for their project projects. Other groups have started blogs where they record and publish their journey. The goal is for group members to take time throughout their project to look back on their experiences in real-time and make personal evaluations and connections to their activities.

Compassionate Leader Reflection: 

As you celebrate your project, take a moment to reflect back on the compassionate leadership traits. How has your team used and developed these skills? How about individual group members? How did the project change the way each member of the group feels about their community?


To keep your group engaged and moving forward, track accomplishments and challenges along the way.
Tracking change


Complete a second self assessment, and celebrate how far you've come as a group!
Compassionate Citizen Traits


Share with family the skills you've gained during the project. Next, share about the skills you observed being demonstrated by your family members.
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