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You are transforming your community every day with your passion and incredible projects.

As Dr. Jane has said, every individual makes a difference and with everyone making a difference, we can change the world. YOU are what makes that possible!

As part of a massive, global network of change-makers, you’re helping to build a better future, today. As a Roots & Shoots member, you have the opportunity to create and register your very own community projects, as well as to explore and connect to the groups and projects of other change-makers just like you! You also have access to special opportunities like getting funding, becoming a Roots & Shoots National Youth Leader, resources, fun activities, and much more. You’re part of the #RSFAM and what we do together is going to be BIG.

When you register and show progress on your projects and participate in groups, you have the chance to be featured across our channels as a change-making champion…Your creativity and passion does so much more than just deliver positive change – it also provides hope for millions around the world!

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