The Family Toolkit

Get Inspired, Take Action, and Make a Difference Together!

The Roots & Shoots Family Toolkit is your guide to making a positive impact…



This Toolkit is your official guide to create a project that makes a difference in your community, while learning and getting inspired as a family!

Maybe you and your family want to do something about the challenges you see in your community and our world— issues like social justice, pollution, or climate change. This Toolkit will help you use the Roots & Shoots 4-Step Formula to better understand your community, the issues that matter to you, your ability to take action, and what you can do through a project to make things better.


Full Family Toolkit

You can use this PDF of the full Family Toolkit online, downloaded to your computer, or printed.
Use the Root & Shoots Family Toolkit

What’s a Toolkit?

Everything you need to create change in your community is right here in the Family Toolkit. Our Toolkit provides activities, guidance, examples, and ideas to take you through the 4-Steps to learn and grow essential skills by creating an impactful service project: 1) Get Engaged 2)Observe 3) Take Action and 4) Celebrate!

By using this guide and doing your project, you’ll get to register your project on our database and add yourself to the massive and amazing network of Roots & Shoots members all around the world! Through this experiential learning, you’ll also grow Roots & Shoots Compassionate Traits: 9 important traits chosen by young people for young people to help you develop into someone who makes holistic, compassionate decisions for people, other animals, and the planet. Whatever your family looks like, just remember…every action makes a difference.

P.S Are you looking for our other Toolkit for educators? Get it here.

When you submit your project on our database – you have the chance to be featured! Let us see how you’re using the Family Toolkit by sharing on social tagging #rschangemaker @rootsandshoots.

Check out some of the Family Toolkit activities below!

Compassionate Traits Activity

Learn about the Compassionate Traits and fill out your own self-assessment before starting your project. When you've completed your project, fill it out again and celebrate your growth! Learn more in the full Family Toolkit above.
Do this Activity

Tree of Hope

This activity is part of Step 1: Get Engaged! This activity will help you learn more about the foundations and inspirations in your life. Use the full Family Toolkit above to learn more about Step 1.
Do This Activity

Community Mapping 101

This activity is part of Step 2: Observe! This activity guides you through using mapping to understand the resources and challenges in your community. Use the full Family Toolkit above to learn more about Step 2.
Do This Activity

Project Planning Guide

Ready to plan your project? This activity is part of Step 3: Take Action! Use the full Family Toolkit above to learn more about Step 3.
Do This Activity

Celebrate & Register Your Project

This activity is part of Step 4: Celebrate! Reflect on and celebrate your growth by making sure you're a member of Roots & Shoots and create your project profile.
Become a Member & Register Your Project
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