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Clean Up Cranford!

My teacher told us how her class last year would eat in the field. Some people had left there trash…

What Can a Cardboard Box Be?

Much human waste fills up landfills, endangering the creatures affected and hurting the environment.
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Save The Axolotls!

Axolotls are critically endangered due to pollution, tourism, and residential housing amount increasing.
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Book Rescue

Books in fair, usable condition do not belong in landfills. We want to divert books headed for dumpsters!
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The Seeds of Joy Project for Kids

The problem we want to fix is global warming. There are so many problems around the world caused by global…
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A Child’s Inspiration: Wildlife Discovery Garden and Homestead

I wish for A Child's Inspiration: Wildlife Discovery Garden and Homestead to become a resource for environmental education programming, workshops,…
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Teen Help

Teenagers give birth and not have any resources to help care for their new born child. No diapers, diaper wipes,…
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A Sustainable Future

Consuming resources can include anything from eating food to using technology to warming homes. However, these conveniences come with a…
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Care Closet

We are in the process of starting a care closet for our Wea Ridge Middle School students. On an almost…
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