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Pollinator Garden

Lack of habitat and nectar for pollinators.
1 member

Upcycling Materials Drop Off

We want to fix the problem of pollution and waste in our community.
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Support the Goals of the United Nations

The United Nations is launching the largest global conversation on the future we want to mark its 75th Anniversary in…
5 members

Christmas Care Cakes Campaign

Over the holidays, many veterans and their families struggle with challenging medical issues and are forced to turn to groups…
1 member

Science Bears and Toys

At many family shelters, children's hospitals, and Child Advocacy Centers (which provide care for victims of child abuse), children get…
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To fix and to reduce rabbies on animals and peoples at all
1 member

Refuse to Ride! Helping elephants 🐘 ♥

DO NOT RIDE THE ELEPHANTS. It may seem fun but to to train elephants they are stolen from their mothers…
3 members

World Peace Day

We want an anti-racism society and spread peace.
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A Sustainable Future

Consuming resources can include anything from eating food to using technology to warming homes. However, these conveniences come with a…
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