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Youth Aren't Just the Future, They're the Present.

Empowering youth to proudly stand for what they believe in.

We aim to support the next generation in understanding the power and influence of their voice and actions to create change. When young people practice compassion, determination, collaboration, and are empowered to use their voice and take action, transformational change occurs in their communities and in themselves.

Roots & Shoots 4-Step Formula to Create a Community Project

Our 4-Step Formula helps guide youth through the process of exploring their passions in order to plan and implement a project. This increases the development of Compassionate Traits, which grow a sense of self, a sense of purpose and creates positive impact for people, other animals, and the environment.

The steps include:

Our model encourages young people to do a project for people, a project for animals, and a project for the environment. The 4-Step Formula increases understanding of the interconnectivity of all three.

The 4-Step Formula

Learn more about how young people are empowered to take action in four steps!
4-Step Formula

I discovered an importance in the world outside my own... I don't think I would be the engaged, concerned learner today if I hadn't been so deeply involved in Roots & Shoots.

former Roots & Shoots member
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Growing Compassionate Traits

A compassionate citizen and/or leader is someone who considers how a decision will impact all living beings and our planet and works to improve the lives of others. As Roots & Shoots members move through the program and create/implement service learning projects, they grow essential skills and their compassionate traits bloom. From empathy to inspiring peers, these traits represent what it takes to be a well-rounded, self-confident individual who makes holistic, sustainable choices for people, other animals and the planet we share. Our 9 Roots & Shoots compassionate traits were identified and verified by youth, for youth.

Compassionate Traits 2

Learn More About Compassionate Traits

Want to know what the traits are and how to embody them?
Compassionate Traits

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