Step 3: Take Action

Now That You Have Some Ideas, It's Time to Plan and Act!

Have an Amazing Idea? Turn it into a World-Changing Project!

This is the third step in the Roots & Shoots Formula. The previous steps have helped you develop your ideas and knowledge to narrow down your project concepts that benefit people, other animals and/or the environment in your community!  At this point, you’ve considered questions like: “What do I like about my community and how can I protect or grow that part of it?” and “What problems or needs do you feel most excited and passionate about solving?”

The ‘Take Action’ step allows you to put into practice all the skills you’ve learned and use supporting Roots & Shoots tools to plan and implement your project. Here you can find:

  • Special Roots & Shoots project planning resources and other successful example projects.
  • A way to start your Project Profile below; When you do, you’ll be able to put all of these tools into practice as you demonstrate your goals and impact.
  • Through your profile, you’ll be able to share what you’ve achieved and connect to other change-makers in the Roots & Shoots network!

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Now that your group has taken action, it's time to measure your impact and celebrate.
Step 4: Celebrate
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