Projects-in-a-Box Are Your Guide to Take Action in Your Community

Looking for a way to take action right away? If you’re not quite ready or sure how to plan and complete your own project, use these Projects-in-a-Box to get started!

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Roots & Shoots is all about creating community projects that help people, other animals, and the planet. Projects-in-a-Box provide Roots & Shoots members support and guidance to create a Roots & Shoots project. By using our Projects-in-a-Box, you will learn how you can make a difference in your community using the Roots & Shoots 4-Step Formula. The 4-Step Formula helps you get inspired and take action through easy and fun tools. This also helps develop your Compassionate Traits, so while you’re building a better community, you’re also building a better YOU!

Best part? If you’re a member (which is FREE), you can register your project on your Roots & Shoots profile for a chance to be featured!

Together No Trash

Did you know that by creating and/or advocating for cleaner habitats in your community, you can help fight biodiversity loss? Use Project-in-a-Box: Together No Trash to make a difference!
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I Dream of Green

Did you know that protecting or creating green spaces can benefit your community, mental health, fight climate change, and is good for wildlife? Use Project-in-a-Box: I Dream of Green to make a difference!
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