I Dream of Green

Use this Project-in-a-Box as a Guide for Protecting
and/or Creating Green Spaces in Your Community

Use I Dream of Green to make a difference in as simple as 1-2-3-4!

Did you know that protecting or creating green spaces can benefit your community, mental health, help fight climate change, and is good for wildlife?

This project has been designed so that you can take action for green spaces no matter where you are! Follow the Roots & Shoots 4-Step Formula to make a difference in your community. Get inspired with the information on this page and then observe your community and take action using the full I Dream of Green Project-in-a-Box.



I Dream of Green Project Guide

You can use this PDF of the full 'I Dream of Green Project-in-a-Box' online, downloaded to your computer, or printed.
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Choose Your Change

Use the following chart to help determine the best way for you to make a difference!

I Dream of Green 4
*For helpful links and more resources, download the full I Dream of Green Project offered above.

Community Outreach Template

Fill out this letter template when reaching out to community collaborators for support.
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Letter to Representatives Template

Use this letter to representatives template when contacting your local representatives about protecting local green space.
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