4-Step Formula

Design Your Very Own Project with These 4 Steps!

Get Inspired, Observe, Take Action and Celebrate: Easy as 1,2,3,4!

Roots & Shoots is about making positive change happen for people, other animals, and the environment. Get to know the 4-Step Roots & Shoots Formula for identifying and completing a service project in your community.

Step 1: Get Engaged

Getting excited and engaged about understanding issues in your community is the first step in the Roots & Shoots formula.
Get Engaged

Step 2: Observe

Are you unsure of what issue you want to address? Try community mapping!

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Step 3: Take Action

You and your team have mapped your community and recognized a set of local needs. Now that you have some ideas for possible projects, it’s time to plan and act!
Take Action

Step 4: Celebrate

Congratulations, your project is complete! Now it’s time to celebrate.

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