Step 4: Celebrate

Your Project is Complete - Celebrate!


This is the fourth step of the Roots & Shoots Formula. Your project helps bring us one step closer to a better world for people, other animals and the environment we share. This step focuses on giving yourself props for doing an amazing job and learning along the way. It also gives you an opportunity to share what you’ve accomplished to inspire others.

At Roots & Shoots, we believe that every step you take to improve your community is important and is worth celebrating. Now that you’ve gotten the ball rolling and had a taste of what it means to make a difference, we know you’ll keep doing more good. It also means you’ll get a chance to reflect on and measure all the good you’ve created!

There are so many ways to celebrate all you’ve accomplished.

By using the resources below and updating your Roots & Shoots Project Profile, you’ll be able to measure your impact, celebrate with your community, share your success and get started on your next project.

Your Projects Are Changing the World!

When you complete your project profile, you have the chance to be featured as a success story like those below.

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