Measuring Success

Measuring Accomplishments and Reflect On Challenges

Throughout your campaign, tracking accomplishments and noting challenges help continually improve and demonstrate what has been learned. It will also help them with where to go next with your service project, and keep your group engaged and excited long-term.

Track Your Progress

At the beginning of the campaign, decide what data should be tracked to demonstrate impact for your service campaign. Consider your campaign goals. How you will show if your campaign has been successful? Throughout the campaign mark milestones in the progress against the goals and timelines.

Re-Map your Community

Some campaigns might benefit from a post-campaign community map. Revisit the observations made in the original map and compare them to cnages they see in their community after their campaign has ended.

Survey your Community

Another great way to assess the impact of your service-learning campaign is to conduct a survey. Surveys can be as in-depth and specific as your campaign allows. Your group may wish to conduct a pre and post-campaign survey, or you may find it beneficial to interview members of your community after the campaign has ended to discover if their awareness has changed regarding your campaign issue.

Ways to survey the community

  • Photo Survey: Group takes before and after photos of their community to demonstrate the physical changes they’ve made.
  • Public Interview: Group member survey individuals in their community to learn how their campaign has impacted them.
  • Data Collection: Group members outline specific data they wish to collect to measure their impact. Then, they design detailed surveys to conduct before and after their campaign.
  • Group Member Survey: Group conducts a survey of its members to learn how the campaign has changed them and their perspective on their cause and their community.
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