Step 1: Get Engaged

Get Excited About Making A Difference

This resource is part of the Roots & Shoots Toolkit and can be used separately or combined with the other activities in the toolkit.

Getting excited and engaged in completing a service-learning campaign for your community is the first step in the Roots & Shoots formula. One great way to do this is to discover inspirational stories from other change-makers. In this section, you will find stories and resources that will surely convince you (and your group) that you can make a difference.


  • Introspective
  • Hopeful & Optimistic


Who inspires you in your own family? Share stories about the people in your family and the choices they have made to help their community.

GROUP ACTIVIY: Hello Dr. Jane! An Inspirational Biography

From a girl with a dream to a woman with a mission. Your Roots & Shoots group can use this activity to get to know Dr. Jane's History.
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Additional Information about Dr. Jane

Stories of Compassionate Leaders

Learn about other compassionate leaders through their stories
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Compassionate leaders display many different positive traits and, young or old, challenging ourselves to improve on those traits helps us to become the best humans we can be. This activity will get you or your group thinking about the traits needed to be a strong compassionate leader and assess the traits you already have and how to strengthen them.
Self-Assessment Rubic


Consider the compassionate leadership strengths that each person embodies in your family and how they compliment each other.
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