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  • Wild Cats of the World

    Cat species around the world are at risk. They are losing their homes and are increasingly at risk due to…
    4 members
  • Saving Australian Wildlife

    To save the endangered wildlife in Australia from going extinct.
    5 members
  • World Wildlife Day Challenge

    People want to save things they love. You can not love what you do not know.
    5 members
  • Book Rescue

    Books in fair, usable condition do not belong in landfills. We want to divert books headed for dumpsters!
    2 members
  • Plastic Free For Me

    The United States uses a mind-boggling amount of plastic each day! It has become engrained in our way of life.…
    7 members
  • Celebrating Chimpanzees!

    Chimpanzees are adorable as babies and intriguing as individuals. However, these great qualities are why people try to keep them…
    6 members
  • Love, Life and Elephants

    It can sometimes be easy to feel discouraged and disheartened by the news. We might feel like one person can…
    9 members
  • Wild for Wolves

    Wolves around the United States are misunderstood and facing threats. The Wolf Conservation Center is working to reintroduce captive born,…
    6 members
  • Support Your Local Animal Shelter

    Animals in shelters spend many hours in cages. There is often not enough time, staff or enrichment for all the…
    7 members

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