Party for Primates

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    Jupiter, Florida
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The Problem

Community awareness and compassion are needed to shape the future of orangutans and the rainforest they rely on.

Our Plan

Hold an event of your own to spread awareness and raise funds for BOS USA. Get creative and let your unique interests shine! Spark some ideas with these starters: Bake some treats for a bake sale Theme your next birthday around orangutans and invite people to donate in lieu of presents Host your own art auction (using work from our Art for Apes project!) Spend an afternoon at your own lemonade stand Never planned your own event before? Here are some handy hints to get you on your way: Brainstorm ideas! Think of something fun and creative that you, yourself would like to take part in. Chances are your friends and family will want to take part too! Break down your project into steps you need to take. Create a checklist of items you may need to complete the project. Most importantly, enjoy your time and take pride knowing you are taking action! Be sure to let us know about your ideas and how your project goes! Here is a sample outline you could use: Saturday Lemonade Stand 1) Ask my adult for permission. 2) Look up lemonade recipe. 3) Gather supplies from home or ask around to borrow items 4) Advertise with flyers 5) Set up my stand 6) Tell people about orangutans and why I want to help. Sell lemonade! Supply List Lemonade Stand -Lemons -Water -Sugar -Pitcher -Cups -Table and chairs -Fun signs -Lots of ice! If you would like to fundraise for BOS USA in addition to creating community awareness, you can do so with us through JustGiving (link can be found below).

Themes Addressed

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    Endangered Species
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    Palm Oil

The Benefit

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About Roots & Shoots

We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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