Together No Trash

Use this Project-in-a-Box to Fight Pollution
and Protect Biodiversity in Your Community

Use Together No Trash to make a difference in as simple as 1-2-3-4!

Did you know that by creating and/or advocating for clean habitats, you can help fight biodiversity loss?

This Project-in-a-Box will help you take action for biodiversity no matter where you are! The guide helps you follow the Roots & Shoots 4-Step Formula to make a difference in your community. The full Together No Trash Project-in-a-Box helps you Step 1) Get inspired, Step 2) Observe your community for ways to make an impact, 3) Take action and 4) Celebrate your incredible project!


Together No Trash Project-in-a-Box

You can use this PDF of the full 'Together No Trash Project-in-a-Box' online, downloaded to your computer, or printed.
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Get Inspired by a Roots & Shoots Changemaker

Often, our plastic waste ends up in places it shouldn’t be like the ocean, other waterways, ecosystems, or landfills. Learn how youth leader Virginia J. has reduced her single-use plastic consumption and educated her community here.

Choose Your Change

Use the following chart to help determine the best way for you to make a difference!

Together No Trash 1
*For helpful links and more resources, download the full Together No Trash Project.

Community Collaborator

Use this resource for tips on how you can collaborate with individuals, companies, or organizations in your community to grow your project.
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Sample Timelines

Use these Roots & Shoots project sample timelines as a guide for pacing your project.
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