Water quality

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    San Gabriel, California
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The Problem

The class will study the water quality from high in the mountains where little human impact is found, compared to below the city where human impact may be affecting the water quality. Students will test two sites multiple times throughout the year while taking a nature walk to observe what other plants and animals they see near the locations. The goal is long term monitoring so that they can present their data to the city, to hopefully clean up the water that is impacted by humans. Map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14KW2y304BNThUhp0KZ5AYULrIYw&usp=sharing

Our Plan

Using a water kit, students will measure biological and chemical quality indicators to see how impactful humans are on the water below their homes as compared to the more natural water above. Students will do this multiple times in different seasons and after storms. They will accumulate the data and present it to the city in hopes that they can encourage the city to lesson the impact that humans have.

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    Clean Water

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