Stop the Garbage to Save the Future

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The Problem

Our 4th grade students are trying to help the endangered sea turtles and sharks in the oceans. One of the biggest problems they face is trash being dumped into the water and onto the beaches. Plastic and Styrofoam waste is very dangerous to the wildlife in the oceans. These animals mistake these items for food and end up getting poisoned after ingesting these toxic items. We have a huge problem in our school with the use of Styrofoam trays. Every student in the school uses a Styrofoam tray for breakfast and lunch every day and throw it away. Our school fills one dumpster each day and has to have the garbage picked up daily. Multiply this by the 5 schools on campus! We are contributing to the landfills way too much and are trying to find biodegradable alternatives or would like to raise money to purchase reusable trays. We also want to start a recycling and repurposing program at our school to collect trash and make them into useful items, such as furniture. We would like to educate the public on what they can do to reduce the trash in our community.

Our Plan

We are planning to take a trip to our local beach near Lake Erie to do a clean-up. Students are also going to design flyers to hang up in restaurants to let people know to use reusable bags and to have people say "No thanks!" to a plastic straw when served a drink. Students are currently doing research on how much money is spent on the purchase of the Styrofoam food trays in order to help with cost comparisons of alternatives to the trash accumulation by the schools on a daily basis. They are then going to present their idea to the school board and give them options of how to make this positive change that will help reduce waste in our environment. In addition to this, the students are going to start a recycling program and repurpose some of the trash into eco-benches and other useful items.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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