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    Hyde Park, Vermont
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The Problem

the goal is to change the way we treat one another and the Earth by putting a stop to social, environmental, and other divisions that are present on this Earth.

Our Plan

- spreading awareness by making videos that will address problems we are facing - be compassionate, not accusatory (remember, we are all forms of life) - make the video based on your hopes, beliefs, aspirations, and dreams for this world and all the life that dwells on it (from humans to animals, to plants, etc) - use images that help show what you are saying - post the video on social media accounts and ask people to join the project/challenge - along with the video, ask and tell others what they can do to help save the Earth - lastly, end with the question: what are you grateful for and why?

Themes Addressed

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    Climate Change
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    Global Citizenship
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    Project Ideas
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    Reasons for Hope

The Benefit

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