School vegetable and pollinator garden

  • Location
    New York, New York
  • Status
  • Age Level
    5 to 7 Years
    8 to 10 Years
    11 to 13 Years

The Problem

Our school is in Manhattan. We are in a large building with very little green space. This raised garden bed would provide children with the chance to interact daily with nature in a real way. Planting vegetables, herbs and flowers for pollinators will give them the opportunity to reduce plastic and waste in the school, by providing our cafeteria with produce and to see the life cycle of plants by attracting pollinators to promote the growth of fruit, as well as providing vital pollinator corridors in a highly urban area.

Our Plan

We want to clean up an area of the school that has become a bit of a dumping ground and create a raised garden bed. We will grow herbs, vegetables and flowers. Students will be involved in the process at all levels, designing, planting, caring for, harvesting and bringing food to the cafeteria.

Themes Addressed

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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Endangered Species
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    Food Choices
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    Migratory species

The Benefit

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