Santa Luisa’s Community Garden

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    PONCE, Puerto Rico
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    Any Age

The Problem

After hurricane Maria hit our Island we found out how vulnerable was our alimentary system, we depend on most of the food from outside Puerto Rico, but we have everything we need to produce all the food we need, so we want to depend less of the exported food and create more sustainable community garden for the times of need and emergencies.

Our Plan

We are planning to start a community garden in the backyard of the church of our community. Me and a friend, we have grown participating in the church mass and activities, and we think that the backyard has so much more potential than just been a parking spot. We want to turn that space into one where we can create a community garden for the benefit of the community, the pollinators, the students that would be able to join to obtain their community service and green contact hours, but most important to manage a place where we can plant safe food without the toxins that makes us sick.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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