Rewilding South Troy

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    Troy, New York
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The Problem

My neighborhood in Troy (South Troy) is overrun by invasive tree species such as Alanthus, Mulberries, and Norway Maples. Relatedly, the native tree species are predominantly a few species, and thus demonstrating a lack of biodiversity. I live in a long densely-populated ribbon squeezed between the Hudson river to the east and steep forested hillsides to the west. I think this project would help support a more diverse wildlife population.

Our Plan

This spring we will be planting 4 - 6 native trees (Pawpaws and American Persimmons, among others) in our yard, and also between the sidewalk and street. This is just the first step towards increasing the number and diversity of native trees in South Troy. I see our yard becoming an informal teaching garden, where people can see the beauty and utility of native trees. I think re-introducing some of the rare, beautiful, and useful native trees such as Pawpaws, Chestnuts and Persimmons would invite residents to learn more about our landscape. These trees will be conversation starters. Finally, I want to use our yard as a nursery for propagating native trees through directly sowing seeds and nuts, planting seedlings, and giving them to neighbors. There are several large tracts of forest within a mile of our house that also lack the native tree species Iā€™m planning to plant.

Themes Addressed

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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Community Enhancement
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    Invasive Species
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The Benefit

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