Plant City Recycling July-December

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    Lanett, Alabama
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The Problem

-=+=- THANK YOU FOR THE FIRST 8 MONTHS OF THIS PROJECT! WE WERE ABLE TO BRING IN APPROXIMATELY 1,000 LBS OF PLASTIC, PAPER, STYROFOAM, AND ALUMINUM! *Items listed from largest quantities to least* -=+=- We hope to be able to go above and beyond the 1,000 LBS previously achieved as more and more people bring in their recyclables! We have set up a recycling bin in the back of Plant City Baptist Church in Lanett, Alabama. In this recycling bin people are encouraged to bring in their plastic, paper, cardboard, and styrofoam. Many people are also getting other people from work or school to bring in their recycling.

Our Plan

July 98.50 LBS. Aug. 124.66 LBS. Sep. 143.83 LBS. Oct. 92.79 LBS. Nov. 245.64 LBS. -=+=-705.42 LBS TOTAL-=+=-

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