One Plant At A time

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    Ridgewood, New York
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  • Project created by MrsA

The Problem

Our wish is to teach students and community members how to grow their own vegetable plants by using recycled materials. It is our hope to encourage healthy food choices, environmental stewardship through education.

Our Plan

Through community mapping our students have identified several problems affecting their community. Specifically, our gardening class & Service Club would like to help combat hunger, obesity, and diabetes through our service project 'One Plant At a Time'. Students are interested in learning how to start vegetable plants from seeds. First, after researching and planning which vegetables would be the best to start indoors and would offer the greatest nutrients, they would begin planting their vegetables in recycled containers (milk, yogurt, cereal cups etc..). Once the plants were established, students will plan a workshop for other students and parents and teach them about what they have learned about starting seeds, and the health benefits of vegetable gardening. In addition, students will offer low cost solutions by using recycled materials to grow plants in. This workshop will also include a student made "How To" worksheet. Students will not only get an opportunity to provide their community with free plants, but will also teach other valuable information.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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