Nature Needs Us!

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    West Melbourne, Florida
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    8 to 10 Years
    11 to 13 Years

The Problem

Nature's Schoolhouse mission is to provide a safe natural sanctuary to learn and play while honoring diversity, peace, love, and service to larger community. We will nurture relationships between each other with kindness, respect, and inclusion so together we can be stewards of nature and protect our planet. There are also goals for them to develop SEL skills and character development. Those objectives directly overlap with the Roots and Shoots program! The homeschool students (5-12 ages) are here to engage in nature while being nurtured and learning in our enrichment program. When the students dove into Roots and Shoots program, they brainstormed, planned, and mapped out the needs. The hosting church needed support with their campus. We celebrated and measured success of these AMAZING Community Heroes as they feed the hungry (190 items of food donated!) and harvested toppings from our 5 gardens for our homemade 35 individual pizzas! We included other classes in our pizza party too! As Planet Protectors, we created 3 nature sanctuaries and trails. As Wildlife Stewards we protected wildlife like a yellow-bellied turtle, and built two habitat areas! Grant funds provided tools, plants, supplies, incentives, and pizza dough! A culminating event was held for community and families highlighting the students\' voices and leadership of being Planet Protectors, Wildlife Stewards, and Community Heroes!

Our Plan

Planet Protectors were recruited to help remove the invasives like wedelia and replace with native plants. The kiddos cleared a Sensory Trail and an Ays Trail (local indigenous tribe we learned about). We created some mindful places to meditate. We planned to be Community Heroes by planting, growing, and doing food harvesting for homeless population. Although the harvest was light, we did do a successful food drive! We also shared our bounty of tomatoes, and peppers with the other classes. We also were Wildlife Stewards to offer what the animals’ needed. We built birdhouses, hung feeders, planted a Butterfly Garden and Food Forest to provide habitats and migration pathways for local critters, birds, butterflies, etc. We also spent lots of time learning and educating ourselves on protecting ocean life in particular sea turtles!

Themes Addressed

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    Animal Welfare
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    Invasive Species
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The Benefit

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