Make Edible Necklaces for Chimpanzees

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    Rockville, Maryland
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The Problem

Hose2Habitat and students at Garrett Park Elementary School want to educate people about chimpanzees and how some of them live in sanctuaries after being rescued from labratories or the entertainment industry. And we want to help the chimps by making them edible necklaces to enjoy! We want to have the free event at the school on April 24, the Friday after Earth Day.

Our Plan

1. Contact sanctuaries to find out information on the chimps and what the requirements are for the necklaces. 2. Ask Garrett Park Elementary School if we can have the necklace making event there. 3. Ask a local organic market for the food for the necklaces. 4. Make some educational information to give to people at the event. 5. Hold the event. 5. Send the necklaces. 6. Get photos of the chimps enjoying the necklaces so the participants can see the difference they made. 7. Celebrate!

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