For the Love of Frogs- Plastic Pollution

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The Problem

Justin is like most 8-year-old boys: he loves to play sports, hang out with his friends, and build things. He also loves frogs, which might seem just like another ordinary thing- except he’s taken that love to another level. Justin didn’t realize his love for frogs would turn into a passion for taking care of the planet. He became interested in recycling, but when he learned that trash can be transformed into other gadgets…it was like MAGIC! It all started in kindergarten, when Justin learned almost one-third of frog species are on the verge of extinction. He learned pollution, pesticides, and habitat destruction are the main causes for their decline. Knowing that frogs are indicator species, he recognized frogs are telling us the planet needs our help. Justin began raising money for Save the Frogs! non-profit and he became passionate about restoring the wetlands. Not long after, Justin met Dr. Jane Goodall and he learned all about PLASTIC POLLUTION. He started focusing on ways to turn trash into treasures. Justin has been eagerly working the last two years on finding ways to teach people how to refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic into treasures and he shows no sign of stopping.

Our Plan

Justin is working on calculating his impact on how to get people to refuse, reduce, and reuse plastic. He has recycled over 3,000 aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass. He spent 7 months collecting over 200 pounds of plastic caps (some from the well know Staples Center at an Elton John concert) and had them recycled into a bench for his school. He traded over 200 plastic toothbrushes for toothbrushes made out of recycled yogurt cups to friends, neighbors, and people worldwide. Justin has met with top leaders such as our city mayor, CA state senator, engineer students at Loyola Marymount University, the founder of Precious Plastics, the CEO of By Fusion, the writer of The Eco Paper, Linda Booker the film maker of Straws, the founder of Three Squares Inc, and several kindergarten aged to several older youth that are working and taking action to help solve the plastic pollution problem. Justin has created a social media page with the ideas and is making a book to help encourage others to implement these ideas.

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