Flourish Future

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    Gold Coast, Queensland
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The Problem

To make the local community realise the importance of recycling and get more recycling bins in public spaces and local businesses. To lead by example and be role models for recycling at Flourish. To educate people about the impact of items such as plastic water bottles and throw away coffee cups and better alternatives.

Our Plan

We will promote the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling and make a difference in our local area. We will write a letter to the local council and ask for more recycling bins to be placed around Tugun. We will contact our local council member and ask if there are any other ways we could help. We will make posters, videos and Powtoons to make people more aware. We will keep our local beach clean and encourage others to do the same. We will have a presence at local community events to spread our message.

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The Benefit

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