Cherokee Ranch Shona Sculpture Park

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The Problem

Through the installation of the Shona Sculpture Park, we seek to utilize art as a tool for greater understanding of our common humanity with the continent of Africa. We hope to share the multi-generational practices of the Shona tribal artists and the legends they teach through the creation of their sculptures.

Our Plan

In an effort to create broader understand of diverse cultures through art we will install a collection of approximately thirty-five Shona Stone Sculptures to be on exhibit at the Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation (CRCF) in association with The Chapungu Sculpture Park in Zimbabwe. Collaborative partners Marcie Mushore, Roy Guthrie, Susan Morrice, and Executive Director James A. Holmes have worked for several months to bring Chapungu to Cherokee Ranch. Sadly, Roy Guthrie passed away on March 5, 2024, at the age of 89, which has brought profound meaning to the completion of this project. As a unique cultural experience exploring the art of sculpture in Zimbabwe, CRCF is honored to host this diverse and inclusive collection of artworks to serve as a meaningful cultural exchange to bring greater awareness of the traditional arts of the African Continent to our community. The project will engage youth from diverse communities to envision the sculpture garden and inform effective way-finding signage and educational tools through which both youth and adults will engage and learn about the Shona People, the multi-generational value of their artistic traditions, and explore art as a tool to share cultures and traditions. The project will engage youth in the planning process for the sculpture garden, assist in the authorship of signage and collateral materials, aid in preparing walking trails to each sculpture presented, patriciate in summer workshops to learn how to create and care for stone sculptures, and maintain the garden for before or after school credits. The sculpture are being made available to CRCF for a five-year term with one five-year extension if desired by CRCF and The Chapungu Sculpture Park in Zimbabwe.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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