Bobcat Conservation in MA

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    Springfield/Western MA, Massachusetts
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  • Project created by meori

The Problem

Although bobcats are not yet endangered, allowing deforestation and overhunting will lead to their endangerment. Lesser known species, or at least ones that seem less exotic, don’t get the attention and efforts that they deserve but projects like this can help to fix that. The goal of this project is to educate communities and raise awareness of bobcat conservation. Check out the project at:

Our Plan

This will be done through video camera trapping, signs at nature centers, and educational programs for the communities, which will all help to keeping bobcats off of the endangered species list. By raising local awareness I am also hoping to get people interested and involved in similar issues outside of their local community, such as conservation projects helping big cats in Asia or Africa. So far about $200 has been raised through fundraising for the camera traps!

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