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  • BASIS Oro Valley Community Garden

    Students seldom get hands-on experience with the growing process of their food. This creates a divide between the agricultural industry…
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  • Pet Supplies Drive

    In our community, some shelters have an overflow of pets and not enough supplies to care for them all. This…
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  • Environmental Awareness Campaign

    Many people in our society today are unaware of the issues in the world we face, regarding everything from climate…
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  • Donations for Foster Children Shelters

    We want to provide foster children in our town with entertainment, such as toys and books, as well as bring…
  • Desert Composting

    Composting is extremely beneficial for the environment, yet it can be hard to do in the desert. This project allows…
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  • The Bookmark Project

    Libraries are places where people of all ages gather to read and study, so they would be the perfect place…
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