Species are being stolen from the wild every single day, or treated badly in inhumane conditions. You can speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves…

Our effect on our planet has been unnecessarily destructive. Greed and the desire for increasingly rare “trophies” have resulted in a boom in illegal wildlife trafficking. This is a gruesome trade that is rapidly pushing the earth’s endangered species toward extinction. Alongside this demand, a demand for illegal pets steals infants from their mothers and leaves individuals in terrible living conditions. Other demands fueled by poverty and hardship contribute to poaching activities and the illegal bushmeat trade.

You can turn things around.

This, however, does not mean we are unable to create change to make things better.  Right here you’ll find so many ways to help combat our negative impact and create a world where people, other animals and the environment exist in harmony.

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What is wildlife trafficking, poaching and the illegal pet and bushmeat trade?

This is not a simple issue, but one filled with examples of the intense pressures of poverty, lack of training in enforcement, governmental corruption, and the careless demand for wildlife products and illegal pets by global consumers. The inhumane practice of invading a protected animals’ natural habitat to obtain “parts” based on this complicated global market demand by capturing and/or killing is destroying our world’s most precious species, and it needs to stop.

The facts reflect the urgency of this crisis:

  • 35,000 elephants a year are killed for ivory.
  • Poaching of rhinos went up 9,000% from 2007-2014.
  • 73 million sharks are killed each year for their fins.
  • A 2014 survey showed there may only be 3,200 wild tigers left in Asia.
  • 3,000 great apes (including chimpanzees) are illegally killed or stolen from the wild each year.

And these numbers may be estimates based on population sizes that don’t even exist – as there are fewer and fewer animals left to poach each year. We have hope that there’s still a window of time to do something about it…that hope is you!

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I strongly believe that from majestic elephants to the smallest butterflies should be celebrated and left to live their lives ... wild and free.

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder the Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace
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