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Help End Use of Chimpanzees in Entertainment.

Did you know using chimpanzees and other great apes in entertainment and advertising may seem worthwhile, but it comes at an enormous cost?

The Great Ape Survival Partnership of the United Nations Environment Program (GRASP) estimates that more than 22,000 apes were killed or captured to be sold between 2005 and 2011. The majority of these “takes” are for the illegal pet market, disreputable zoos or tourist attractions.

Each individual has enormous power to use their voice, take a stand, and to motivate others to be just as passionate. Together our collective effort can and will put an end to this cruel practice. The show stops now.

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Tips from NYLC:

“Set up a table in the cafeteria at school or the local library so that you can tell others about this campaign. Bring a laptop or tablet so they can sign the petition if they want!”

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