Bee Kind

Finding Purpose Through Protecting Pollinators

At just five years old, Seraphina read “I Am Jane Goodall” by Brad Meltzer. She immediately wanted to become a member of Roots & Shoots in order to #BeLikeJane. Using Roots & Shoots tools and resources like the 4-Step Formula to create and implement a community project, Seraphina was able to: Step 1) Get inspired (by Dr. Jane), Step 2) Observe her community to find out how to best accomplish her goal and, Step 3) Take Action!

She decided she wanted to create a small pollinator garden in her own backyard to support local bee populations. Soon after, her work spread and she became known as a bee advocate in her Georgia community, sharing her passion and knowledge with neighbors and friends — even helping them create their own bee sanctuaries.

It's very simple to find a need in any area in something that you are interested in so don't be afraid to start a project.

Seraphina Roots & Shoots Member
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In 2020, Seraphina took her pollinator journey a step further and joined the Roots & Shoots contributions to the Trillion Trees Campaign after a hurricane uprooted many of the native trees in her community. She took advantage of outdoor spaces to plant native pollinator trees everywhere she could. Despite the barriers of the pandemic, she was able to provide “pollinator paradises” for seven homes and continue efforts to educate community members about bee conservation. She has used her social media platform to amplify this message and was even an Earth Day guest speaker for first and second graders using Google Classroom.

Step 4 of the 4-Step Formula is to celebrate and reflect on your impact, which Seraphina did by thinking about how incredible it was to listen to the needs of her local community and inspire positive change.

Learn more about Seraphina’s project here. 

Everyone can make a difference.

If you’re inspired by Jesus’s activism, find out how you can make a difference in your own community.


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