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The Problem

Racial discrimination. Something that we ALL need to stop. Something that has and IS causing LOTS and LOTS of bullying.

Our Plan

The action that we are making is creating a diversity. I know we can’t exactly meet up and do the things that we used to... BUT, we can have group video calls and use apps like ZOOM. Here are the steps for this project: Getting started 1) Gather a group of friends to be in your book club. 2) One of the members has to choose a book for the whole club to read. There is only ONE requirement though. The main character has to be different from the person who chooses the book. Here are some differences that the book-chooser can look for, different skin colour, a different type of family or coming from a different country. 3) Agree on how much should be read before the next meeting. The book may be short, so if it was it could be the whole book!!! 4) How often will you meet? Choose a date and place for your first meeting, where you ALL shouldn’t have to travel a long way to arrive. Getting together 5) Meet with the rest of the book club members and discuss about the book. Try thinking about... -How is the main character different from and similar to you? -Why does the main character think the way he or she does? -Would you act the same way as the main character? -What can you learn from the main character’s experiences? -Try coming up with your own questions to talk about in your club. 6) Decide where to meet next time. And don’t forget that another person has to choose a book now!!! Hope you can join this project. Good luck!!!

Themes Addressed

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    Social Justice

The Benefit

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