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    Abu Dhabi
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    11 to 13 Years
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The Problem

In recent days Sustainability has become increasingly synonymous with going green and only environmental aspects. This has led to a lot of confusion and lack of real 'sustainability'.Through this project we want to make people aware and understand all the SDGs and their difference and individual significance. We need to work on demystifying sustainability. so many projects and products can be green but not sustainable as sustainability looks in all aspects of environment, social and , economical. Although sustainability includes a green component , going green is not automatically considered sustainable.It's important to understand the difference to implement correct steps. Remember the goal is to not be green it is to be SUSTAINABLE 🌍

Our Plan

Youth We Care is a Youth-led organization dedicated to creating positive and impactful changes in our communities and for the world. Through this initiative, we aim to promote sustainability in all aspects, familiarize you with sustainable options and engage contribution. We will consistently posting on our social platforms and plan to conduct webinars.

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