Youth Community Outreach Program

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The Problem

BATON ROUGE EMPOWERNMENT FOUNDATION is a 501(c) 3 organization that endeavors to build up communities through addressing the negative impacts of daily burdens, lack of direction, and economic disadvantages on the citizens of Baton Rouge. As such we seek to enlist the support of organizations such as yours to help provide much needed programs and services to the citizens of Baton Rouge, LA. As a faith-based organization, naturally our concern is to also help the people of God to grow spiritually and to bring those that do not believe to accept him as their Lord and Savior. However, our outreach is to all people with the intention of improving the overall quality of life including services such as food and clothing banks, housing assistance for the homeless, job preparation, tutoring for youth and adults, and after school programs that provide a positive enrichment environment for youth and young adults. Ultimately our goal is to have a center in which to house and facilitate these services.

Our Plan

BATON ROUGE EMPOWERNMENT FOUNDATION envisions addressing all of the above needs via the provision of faith-based community services. In building new facilities, the organization will have the ability to provide quality services to families that focus on their spiritual, social, and economic needs. Recognizing the present and emerging challenges of the Baton Rouge area and the limited and stressed resources available to address these needs, Baton Rouge Empowerment Foundation is positioning itself to support the community and its leaders. The ministry has already made a positive difference in the community and realizes the urgent need to establish a facility to house the services, programs and place of worship. Of particular concern is that without an established facility, those who are particularly vulnerable such as youth and the recovering will turn to other, less positive methods of addressing emotional and financial needs.

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