You Need Us and We Need You: Protecting Environmental Health for Human Health by Reducing Pesticide and Herbicide Use..

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    Beverly Hills, New Jersey
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    14 to 18 Years

The Problem

The insect world plays a central role in environmental health and human health. The world is seeing big declines in insect populations due to wide scale application of pesticides and herbicides in environmental and agricultural uses. Pesticide application impacts not only so called “pest insects”, but beneficial insects as well. Insects provide the base food source for complex natural food webs in our environment. Herbicides can also be non-selective and remove beneficial plants from the landscape, as well as have a toxic effect on wildlife and humans.

Our Plan

To educate people of the dangers of pesticides and herbicides on animals, specifically pollinators, environments, and the communities that farm the crops that contain pesticides and herbicides. Our actions will be both education and legislative.

Themes Addressed

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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Habitat Destruction
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The Benefit

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