Youth Activism in Conservation

  • Location
    Los Gatos, California
  • Status
  • Age Level
    8 to 10 Years

The Problem

The event will address the need to create more green spaces in our community that benefit people and wildlife, and inspire young leaders to take conservation action.

Our Plan

SAFE Worldwide plans to further our mission to protect endangered species and the environment through education, community programs, and partnerships with wildlife conservation organizations across the planet. This specific, youth-led project will improve the local environment through a collaborative tree planting event. It will take place in Spring 2024, ideally on Earth Day. Project leaders will include students from one school or school district in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California. SAFE Worldwide President Linda Lanzl will buy all materials and oversee the students as they plant the new trees in their school’s backyard or local park. To evaluate success, we will document the number of saplings planted and the community members benefiting from this environmental improvement. Students will provide feedback on new information learned about conservation. Longer-term, we will aim for the young people to carry forward this purpose with future activity, possibly forming their own Roots & Shoots group.

Themes Addressed

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    Climate Change
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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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About Roots & Shoots

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