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The Problem

Our vision is to have a creative, welcoming writing lab equipped with alternative seating and lighting that offers a different feel than the traditional classroom. While our ideal circumstance would be to have every classroom equipped with alternative seating, we realize that you have to start somewhere. Since writing is a critical component of every other subject, we thought, "Why not start with our writing lab?" By providing our students with wobble cushions, yoga mats, exercise balls, video game chairs, and dry erase tables, we are hoping to create a fun environment where our kids can get excited about writing. Our plan is to allow allow students to use the writing lab as a place where they can focus solely on the writing process. All of our flexible seating options will help students use up their excess energy instead of having that energy manifest as a distraction in the classroom. This will allow students to focus on producing the best writing possible.

Our Plan

If I am approved for the grant, the money will be used to purchase flexible seating options (exercise balls, yoga mats, etc.) to be used while students are engaged in the writing process. The writing lab will be used in cross curricular writing projects (with science and social studies). The topics will include the importance of reducing waste and reusing/recycling materials, human community and human condition (through the topic of the Holocaust and various other historical conflicts), and the importance of various species of wildlife (in different geographical locations).

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