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The Problem

Every day, lots and lots of animals are killed. And for almost all of them are killed in inhumane ways. Factory farming is one of the worlds biggest problems. Animals are raised in cramped cages and denied to do things that come naturally to them. Chickens are debeaked. Babies are stolen from mothers. And they live short lives with only pain and misery. A chicken can live for 5 to 7 years. In factory framing they live a mere 47-8 days. They are also cured in cruel ways. They are conscious, often, when killed. And animals are not the only being affected. The climate is too. Factory framing is one of the major reasons of climate change. They are polluting the air and water in intense amounts. They are helping to spread climate change. It is also bad for humans. Factory framing is the most dangerous job. The workers are likely to get breathing difficulties. The farms also help spread virus, like covid. About 50% of workers tested positive. And there is also the emotional strain. Can you imagine killing helpless animals every day? That has got to mess with your mind. Now not only is this legal, it is 99% of the meat and dairy products. It is time someone stood up.

Our Plan

Now, how to stand up? It sounds so simple. But in reality it is one of the hardest things. So, I will give us, the people, a plan, a chance to have a voice. First we will go one a strike. A simple one but important. Especially if we all do it. We will go on a meat strike. Since so much of our meat and dairy is made in this horrid way refuse it! Say no! And if someone asks you why, always tell them. Add in the facts. Many people don’t know where there meat come from. So show them! Now, step two, of course keep on doing step 1, is to help make it illegal. So, every single one of us, the people, will write a letter to our senator. Tell them the facts. The hard, brutal facts. Tell them to vote for a bill to be made to disappear factory farming. Write letters more then once. You can write them to more then one person. Now, finally, step three is to tell your general store to stop getting factory framing products. Tell them to not accept. If we all do this then all those animals have a chance. Stand with us.

Themes Addressed

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    Air Pollution
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    Animal Welfare
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    Clean Water
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    Climate Change

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