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    Elmhurst, Illinois
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The Problem

To instruct on how to make a quilt or blanket as a form of therapy for senior citizens, hospital patients and/or home bound individuals or small groups. They can keep or donate the blanket when done. The goal is to provide a creative therapy to get them through struggles of medical or physical pain or anxieties during the time of surgery recovery, chronic pain, depression and/or everyday life.

Our Plan

I will provide the individual with yarn or fabric depending on the style of the blanket and instruct them through the process. I will explain how long it will take and the end goal. but that the small goals meet at each meeting or by the end of that specific week matter. It is to provide a creative therapy to work towards a positive goal. The end result would be a blanket created by the individual while Memories, accomplishments and beauty are achieved. I would hope to meet with the individual or small group weekly for 6 months.

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