Worms for the World

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    Cedar Park, Texas
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The Problem

My plan for worms for the world is to put Earthworms into the soil in our school garden and surrounding areas to help decompose dead organisms and increase the quality of the soil. Over time the worms will to reproduce and continuously help the environment. They will increase the quality of the soil by providing more nutrients from dead debris and help drainage. This will help plant life, and the plant life will help our ecosystem flourish. My Project has indirectly impacted people because with the worms creating better soil quality it helps plants be more productive which helps more plants take in Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen. This will benefit our atmosphere and put more oxygen in our environment which helps humans become healthier organisms and lessen air pollution by letting the plants absorb the overload of carbon dioxide. Worms for the world has helped animals directly because it helps plants become more productive and efficient. This helps animals because the primary consumers are being better fed potentially increasing their population which will help other animals along the food chain.

Our Plan

To complete my project I'm going to get earth worms, release them into the school garden and the solid around the garden.This will help decompose dead organisms and help improve the quality of the soil. Over time they will reproduce and continue to help improve the ecosystem.

Themes Addressed

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    Air Pollution
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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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