Worms at Work: Beyond the Bin

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    Milford, Ohio
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The Problem

As a connection to our classroom worm composting bin project, I would like to plant seeds and observe the effect of worm tea and compost on plant growth. My second graders will plant seeds and observe their growth. Then, we will move the seedlings to the outdoor second grade garden and continue to observe their growth. I hope to see this project grow and evolve over many years, incorporating every grade level and making the project a school-wide commitment to utilize worms for composting and Reducing, Reusing and Recycling every day .

Our Plan

Throughout the project, students will observe worms and identify the positive effects they have on soil and plant life. The students will also calculate the amount of organic garbage that we used to feed our worms, and later use to enrich the soil and plants in our classroom garden. We will calculate the amount of garbage that we are decreasing in landfills over weeks, months and years. We will understand the importance of the reduction of waste in landfills and how we can do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle to help keep our Earth clean.

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