Worms at Work: Beyond the Bin Part 2

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    Milford, Ohio
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The Problem

Our vegetable gardens are in and we have planted our seeds. I am seeking grant support to continue the project. We will need garden shovels and gloves, materials for trellises, watering cans, plant food, and additional soil to replace the worm compost bin once we move most of it to our garden and chicken wire cages to keep the animals out of the crop.

Our Plan

We are addressing the need to reduce, reuse and recycle in order to grow and sustain food and resources year round. We continue to collect materials that would otherwise be put in landfills such as yogurt containers, newspapers, plastic lids and cups and milk cartons to use as planters and material for our worm bedding. Organic material left over from our lunches is feed to the worms. Eventually we will use the worm compost to feed and improve the plants in or garden while learning about the life cycle of plants and worms. Our project began with our first Roots and Shoots grant in February and will continue through the summer and -hopefully- many years to come. We will transport the seeds that we planted in March to the outdoor garden on Earth Day (April 22nd). We will continue to tend the garden during science class each week and will harvest crops each month in the summer. We will transfer 2/3 of our worms and compost to the garden and create a new habitat for the remain in the worms in the bin. I hope to see more gardens grow year after year.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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