World Peace Festival

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The Problem

The funds raised will support projects created to support the community by the Roots and Shoots local branch, Texas Spirit Group, such as Classes teaching folks in the community: how to be self reliant and support yourself and your family - teaching plants already outside you can eat that some call weeds and others to grow you can use for healing and healthy foods, and about nutrition. We will be teaching how to be build a totally self sustained house with water catchment, sod brick walls, and gravel trench floors. We will teach by a riverside how to clean our main natural resource ...water! Then put everyone in action cleaning the river! We will have a class on making fire starters for the grill or fireplace using empty toilet paper rolls, dryer lint and old or used leftover candles.

Our Plan

We will attract community residents with the 6 bands and multicultural dance troupes performing, the varied vendors - including companies and resources presenting Peace initiatives, environmental initiatives, handmade items, and refreshments. We have a silent auction of items donated by folks in the community, and an art show where local artists create peace dove themed art. We will also invite all to plant a plant in honor of a loved on in the Chakra Garden at the Jackson Ranch, where the event is held. We are currently seeking T-shirt and Goody Bag sponsors.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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