World Needs Challenge- Students Rebuild 2022

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    Forest Grove, Oregon
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    Any Age

The Problem

There are so many World needs that need to be addressed. We are addressing issues we are concerned about thru being \"artivists\" (activist thru art).

Our Plan

Through Students Rebuild \"World Needs Challenge\", we are creating artistic posters that share our concerns with others. Our focus is on ocean pollution (plastics), hunger in the world and our community, confronting bias and prejudice, and humanitarian aid especially for refugees. Each poster we create will generate $5 in donation to worthy charities dealing with these issues. Some of the posters will be posted in our school to get others to think of these issues. To date, we have created 55 posters earning $275 toward making the world a better place. This Students Rebuild project is open to all until June 2022.

Themes Addressed

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    Displaced People
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    Ocean Pollution & Acidification

The Benefit

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About Roots & Shoots

We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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