2020 World Animal Day at F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Horse Rescue & Sanctuary

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    Southwest Ranches, Florida
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    Any Age

The Problem

The worldwide issue of the Unwanted horse population and teaching people how to properly care for a horse, the time, cost, commitment and the physical work involved in taking on the responsibility of horse ownership before getting a horse. We would like to introduce you to all of our permanent residents, and share their stories with you. Come see the oldest and largest horse rescue and sanctuary in South Florida and take pictures with the animals during this meet and greet. We are a nonprofit 501 (c)3 organization that was established in 1987 and have been saving horses and farm animals in Florida for more than 33 years. You and your family can volunteer while you are here by helping with the daily chores such as; stall cleaning, watering, grooming, braiding, feeding and anything else that comes up. You will quickly see the work and dedication it takes to have a horse, and you might even get a glimpse of something you would like to do long term. We look forward to meeting you and your family and don\'t forget your camera! PLEASE sign up in advance!

Our Plan

Celebrate 2020 World Animal Day by Helping A Horse Rescue for the Day. This event is FREE and families are welcome. Please sign up at https://www.allforgood.org/projects/GQwelWJ5 Come HELP take care of the 54 EQUINE, 51 Horses, 2 Miniature Donkeys, 1 Hinny, 5 Potbellied Pigs, 2 Farm Pigs, 2 Sheep, 6 Goats and a cat. Having families come out to socialize with the animals is good for both the people and the animals. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn various tasks that are part of the daily routine when caring for horses. Each family will have a \"hands on experience\" while learning. Our guests will see what type of dedication and commitment it takes to have a large animal that needs to be cared for twice a day, and that can live 30 years or more. We will educate the community about horses and other farm animals so they have basic knowledge of what it takes to have a farm animal and hopefully, they will enjoy their time with us and volunteer again. Please sign up in advance!

Themes Addressed

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    Animal Welfare
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    Pets & Companion Animals

The Benefit

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