Woodland Fairy Garden

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    Holladay, Utah
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The Problem

My wish is that we can clean up our play yard that we use every day. The children at our Waldorf school are true believer's in the magical world of fairies. Right now we have a small fairy garden that the children adore. My dream is to convert the rest of our yard into a fairy garden full of shade loving plants and woodland mushroom stumps.

Our Plan

I would like to begin as soon as we can with this project, while we are waiting for the thaw we will begin to sprout seeds inside of our classroom. We will then gather community members to clear the yard completely. We will gather shade loving plants as well as placing a layer of fresh compost, topsoil, and woodchips to make the place look like a woodland fairy garden. We have a set of logs and stumps that I would like to paint into mushroom toad stools. I will have the children make their own fairy stepping stones, out of poured cement. We will do all of the work with the class so that they can see that we love and care for all things and places that we learn.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

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